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Webolay English Edition

Welcome to New Webolay

Webolay will continue its publication life as a new technology news analysis site that will analyze the news presented by other internet news sites in a more detailed and in-depth technical perspective and highlight the real news hidden in the details.

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Yazılım Haberleri
A Technical Look at Software News

Webolay editorial staff with 20 years of experience in the technology sector in Turkey and the first software in the world, security, developments concerning the software industry as DEVOPS offers by analyzing the sectoral experiences.

Yazılım Haberlerine Git
Bilim Dünyası Nereye Gidiyor?
Scientific Developments at Webolay

The field of science is developing rapidly in the world. On the one hand, space studies have been opened to the private sector in recent years and there are exciting developments, on the other hand we are very close to saying goodbye to fossil fuels. These areas and all other developments will take place in Webolay.

Bilim Haberlerine Git
Türkiye’deki Teknoloji Etkinlikleri
Webolay Follows Technology Events

Created by our editorial team, especially Turkey, including technology, software, arranged in such fields as science conferences, seminars, technical analyzes before and after the meetup will be published in Webolay.

Etkinliklere Göz At